Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twilight Monk desktop wallpaper in the works, new page!

Day 7 of trying to cut out soda completely. Im trying to re-adjust my palette down to the unsweetened tea level, after reading some horrible stuff about aspartame in diet soda. These are things that Id suspected and read little things about here and there for years, but decided that it was finally time now that Im on my holiday break from work.
While visiting Angelas family, I got down to working on that desktop wallpaper Ive been wanting to do as well. Above you can see a rough sketch. Although tonight I finished inks, and ill start painting it tomorrow.
Im also taking on another World of Warcraft card as a freelancing project. So Ill be posting the progress on that as well.
Hope you all had a good xmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

power poof.

Finally! Jeez. Sorry I forgot to post last weeks page on this blog. Lots of new stuff over at twilightmonk.com (which has NEVER been late btw) including small rewrites, and a couple of panel fixes. Im on vacation! So Im writing a lot and putting together new pages. Weve got new characters coming up, and we finally get to see whats in the pillar. And its not a severed hand, OR a 2000 year old sandwich. Good guess tho.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Twilightmonk page 14

Busy week! Ive added a "linkage" section with banners to twilightmonk.com and roughed out a few more pages ahead of the story. Also Finished inking 2 pages this week. But I scheduled and posted page 14!
Traffic is blowing up over there! Im averaging about 400-500 views a day right now on the site, with 30% return viewers! This is a tremendous growth for the site, and Ive been busy trying to respond to every comment.
Someone asked if I would add a fan art section. What do you guys think?