Friday, March 26, 2010

New Project Preview

I want to make... EVERYTHING!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creed omnibus update

I decided to rework the omnibus cover. What do you guys think? I really want to do a poster for this image, so would you as a CreeD fan, want one?

EAT IT Mario!!!

Ive always had a love for 2d side scrollers! My fondest memories of my childhood were sneaking into my presents every night before Christmas and playing with my Nintendo, then sealing it up so that nobody could tell Id already mastered all of the warp paths in Mario.
Its no secret that Ive always wanted to make a sidescroller, so Im making some sprites for a Nova Colony game.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rights

I really want to include the TMNT/CreeD crossover into the CreeD omnibus, but I just found out that nickalodeon has purchased all ownership of the characters for TMNT. Im pretty sure that Mirage would have let me do it, theyve always been really cool to talk to, and work with. But my dealings with Nickalodeon are really limited. Outside of hanging out with a few animators, and licensing an option to them for a show, I dont know anyone over there. I really dont think theyre going to let me print this book.
I dont know. Heres to hoping that my habit of falling ass backwards into good fortune hasnt run out!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New CreeD omnibus update! ITS HUUUUUGEE!!!

The remastering of the mini series "imaginary" has been added to the omnibus at
To show what kind of enhancements were made, I present 3 pages from the book.

I re-lettered the entire book (Erik Larsen said "the lettering sucked"), so it looks way better now. Although Im not a pro, and some pro letterers will likely cringe. The pages were drawn to be printed in a 5x7. I dont know why. I always liked that size for a book. But here Ive resized it to fit traditional formats.
There are also 2 pages that were previously unreleased in this version. Im thinking of this omnibus as a work in progress, so these 2 new pages will be colored accordingly when I have time. I cut appletree, and I cut utopiate. Thats about 90 pages of creed. Why would I do that? well for 2 reasons.
In the case of the Appletree book, I cut it up and used parts to complete the Imaginary story. So there are about 6 pages that were unused in the final. Imaginary after all was really just a more complete version of the appletree story. Utopiate was... well, Im not sure what Im going to do with that. I would rather assume that I never did those books. But there were scenes that might be worth salvaging. Maybe at the very least, Ill cut it up and rewrite it as a shorter story.
Let me know what you guys think of the rework of Imaginary!