Thursday, December 31, 2009

CreeD: omnichronos update

The omnibus will be called "CreeD: Omnichronos", and Ive just posted all 8 of the Lightning comics onto the working copy online. You can follow this link, or click the big button off to the right of this blog.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas vacation = no posts for at least 5 days. PLUS Omnibus update!

So I leave you with this:
When CreeD went to Avatar press, they wanted to do a variant cover for each book, then reprint the whole thing with more variants. I dont know how they are now, but I never even saw this one go to print. If it exists, they didnt give me copies or even let me know about it. They did this with "leather editions", "foil editions"... I dont even know how many Creed Variant covers there are. I still like the piece, but that kind of stuff broke my heart. At least I finally get to collect it all together! Speaking of which...

Come back next week and Ill post some more old CreeD stuff! Also, Ive got a BIG BIG update for the CreeD omnibus prepared! Ill be posting nearly the entire Lightning comics run. Thats 8 issues all at once! Look forward to it in the first week of January, or maybe earlier!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

CreeD Christmas Card 1999

In 1999, I did a Christmas card which I printed at kinkos, and mailed out to a handful of people. I think I only made about 12 of them. But Ive chosen to post it up here like as if it were new. And if youve never seen it before, then Its still new!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

1st Jeff Lawter inks and Ghost Rider interview

This image documents the very first inks by long time CreeD inker Jeff Lawter. I met Jeff at Elkhart comic con, and we quickly realized that we work well together. This was the test piece that he did over my pencils. The Piece was never officially used as a cover, but I still feel like it was one of the most iconic creed images.
I did an interview for a Ghost Rider fan site. Check it out!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Maxx and CreeD convention sketch

In 2000, I took a LOT of commissions and went to a LOT of conventions. This was right after I left Jnco, and right before I did a 6 issue run on Ghost Rider. I cant remember who this was for, but I kept a photocopy of it just in case I ever put together a huge sketchbook. So Ill be adding this one to the Omnibus for sure.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Before CreeD was Mark Farley, jumping around kicking skeezik ass in the dreamworld, I did a comic strip for my high school newspaper. I was 16 when I drew these, but something remained constant, and carried over from these strips into CreeD. It was crude, and childish. It was very "stream of consciousness" and it was offensive to some people at the time, but it got a reaction!
I only did 4 of them. The story about Sparky is true! Okay, only some of it.


New site updates, new contents!

Ive redirected, and straight to this spot in an effort to consolidate my websites. I've also decided to just post entire issues of CreeD to this place about once a month! Both sites will bring you here, where you can view my gallery of current works, and entire issues of the classic hit series, CREED from the 90's. You'll notice over on the right, there are some new buttons, please go there! You might be thinking "but Trent, I cant look at this, its too awesome to be free! Thats like stealing!" It's okay... it's there for you to share with people!

You'll also notice that I'm going to be updating this blog A LOT more frequently with old sketches, including the very first CreeD drawings. Pieces like this very first drawing ever of CreeD:
I was 14 when I drew this, and its not very good but... this was the image that inspired the whole series. Back then, he was going to be called "symbiote", and he had a more superhero kind of suit that came from space and fed on his anger. But then I decided that was too much like Venom from Spiderman, so I changed it. And so because I really dont like to only post images from when I could barely hold a pencil, heres one that I did a few years later thats much better.

Please check back frequently, because I found a WHOLE crate of these old drawings that I want to share with you. By Crate, I mean hundreds of sketches and unused covers with some great stories behind them.