Friday, April 30, 2010

over 100 pages added to CreeD omnibus online!

Ive added over 100 pages to the CreeD omnibus earlier than expected! New updates include new remastered updates to:
CreeD/Cyberfrog crossover with artwork and script from Ethan Van Sciver
CreeD-Utopiate 3.5 issue mini series
More sketchbook and production artwork
Fixed some page order issues with duplicates and spelling errors throughout
Covers now feature publisher/publication date information


Friday, April 23, 2010

the "free" 6 inch "stoupon"

So... Im perusing the Blizzard internal employee coupons and discounts page today and I find a coupon for a free 6" combo (when you buy one for 8.99) from the new subway down the street. I passed it around to a couple of people at the office, and we all agreed... this is a sweet deal! So Angela and I decide to go because its basically a meal for 2 people for 8.99. Thats 4 cookies btw, and subway cookies are my weakness. (Only 2nd to sun cakes from 85 degrees.)
Anyway so we get there and she orders a 6 inch, and I ordered a footlong, thinking ill just pay like 50 cents difference. We get the the register, I hand him THE coupon, and the guy... swear to god... he rings it up and its 13.50. And Im like "whoa whoa whoaaaa turbo. Pump the brakes, cuz I got a coupon that says this should cost 9 bucks, and maybe 50 cents cuz of the footlong". He tells me that my" footlong counts as the 2 six inchers", and then angelas "6 incher is full price". This KINDA makes sense... but not really, and theres a line stacking up behind us, so Im like... fine. I saved 1 dollar, what the fuck ever. lame coupon. Then I walk away, forgetting to pay the man, still trying to figure out his "Thought trap" involving a footlong being charged as 2 6 inchers, im thinking "maybe i didnt read the fine print".
And HE says "sir, arent you going to pay"? So I pop out 15 bucks and hand it to him. some coins roll out and he closes the register, and I walk away.
As we're eating, I notice a flyer that came with the meal that has the EXACT COUPON that I thought was so exclusive from blizzard (except it doesnt say blizzard employees only) , AND i realize... he never actually gave me my change! So essentially I payed 14.50 for something that should have only cost 9.50! WTF man!? BEYOND that... theres a coupon right next to it for a footlong for 5 dollars!!!!!!
Fuck that subway.
Next time I go in there, im just going to walk up the the counter and say "I would NEVER eat here!" and then spin my finger around at everyone in line.
I miss the quiznos they kicked out of that spot.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More original art for sale! THURSDAY 11 a.m.

Check it out! totally just posted another piece of original artwork from the classic CreeD years! Right here? no. over at ebay. Did that happen? I think it most certainly did! (nods head to confirm)
P.S. im sorry I havent been posting as much the last 2 weeks. Im wrapping up the Nova Colony book and scripting new stuff, and I cant post scripts, or my Blizz work. I will resume with my constant postings very soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

more Creed omnibus progress!

A few people were wondering what some of my problems with CreeD Utopiate were, and so I thought id show a little bit of the progress Ive been making on cleaning this one up. Im not a pro letterer, so I still dont feel like its up to snuff, but I think its better. probably my biggest problem with the book is that I just wasnt very confident with my colors. Its like looking back on a period of time when you were really trying to push yourself to learn something new. Ive learned a LOT about color and creating depth in my painted works since then. Utopiate was I think the book that I painted right after doing THOR.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If youre not on my facebook, you probably havent seen this...

Just FYI, Ive been posting progress pieces for this regularly on my facebook too. Friend me there if you havent already!
Its finally finished, and I realized I have a lot to learn about traditional painting! But thats a great thing. Perhaps Ill catalog my notes as I learn so that others can join me on this adventure into an area before the digital.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Omnichronos update! The CreeD collected omnibus reaching over 500 pages!!!???

Ive added about 20 pages to the "scraps and notes" section of the CreeD Omnibus. Above you can find samples of the kind of behind the scenes materials that Ill be adding. The final book will have a LOT of these. It turns out that I WILL be adding the Cyberfrog/CreeD crossover. I read a review that referred to it as "the crossover that NOBODY demanded"... but fuck 'em. Im reprinting it ANYWAY! Primarily because the book was actually really damn good, but also because I want this thing to be complete. Which brings me to Utopiate... the image series that nobody demanded. lol. Im going to re-read it again tonight and see what I can see. Maybe for the sake of satisfying those who demand a complete collection... itll still make it. Perhaps with a disclaimer, and notes on what I might have done differently.
I read through Utopiate last night and found a great deal of value in it afterall. I think that my memory of developing the book was really negative, and that evokes some reluctance from me about reprinting it. But after taking another look, I realized that I can fix some of the problems I had with the artwork in remastering it, and rework the lettering (which really needs it btw). So, yes, that will push the collection up to about 550 pages so far.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1st week original art auction from CreeD

Click on the image to go to the auction.

Id like to try auctioning off old original artwork from Creed and my other projects every week. For our first item, you can buy this classic CreeD original from the series "Appletree". For each piece of artwork that is sold, you can rest assured that it is an investment, and my heart and soul are in these pieces. If you simply would like to support the books that I make, or would like to encourage me to do more, please think of this as a donation that will encourage me to produce more books.

Click on the image for the link!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

getting the easel going again.

Its been 10 years since Ive gotten out the old acrylics. Lets see how this turns out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

MORE New Project Preview

Because you demanded it! This is a scene from my new graphic novel (maybe series?). Im hoping to have an official announcement soon. Im REALLY enjoying drawing this kind of stuff. Its the kind of book that transitions through multiple styles of art. The main focus is much more on telling the story of an epic journey for this one. Creed was very whimsical and almost poetic, with much more focus on characters and dreamy dialogue. This book is much more of a cohesive, linear, plot driven story, within a really fantastical world. It will be violent, it will be beautiful, and I hope to get it rolling as an "official" project soon.