Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creed 16 bit style

About 2002 I was working with a small company to make a CreeD video game for the nintendo GBA. At the same time Ironically, I was doing a Thor Comic book and art directing Terminator 3 on the GBA with a different company. As a side note, if you have that game, I did all of the background tile art for the whole thing. Not particularly my proudest moment, it was certainly a challenge. But it was my second video game that I ever worked on.

Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend painting

I started working with traditional paints recently. So Im going to be posting progress images for pieces that Im doing in acrylics and oils. Its been 8 years since Ive touched an actual brush, so itll be fun to watch my skills improve in this way. Theres just something so compelling about the organic brushwork that compels me to do so. This first image is for a new graphic novel that Im working on in between Nova Colony pages. Ive been glued to the sketchbook lately, and just waiting on some new script work from Jimm Showman.
Sunday at the beach was so cold that my hands were shaking too much to draw. So next sunday the guys and I are going to the Spectrum, which is a nearby mall with some cool little coffee shop spots to draw.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fuzz!

So, back in 1999 I created a new property called "The Fuzz" with Jeff Lawter and together we sold the rights to Top Cow and Fox Kids for an animated show. This was around the time that we created "Stitch Fits" for Jnco as well.
The Fuzz was about a fuzzy little alien guy that went through "liquid space" collecting ancient alien artifacts, exploring historical ruins and such from worlds held in place by a fluid. His partner was "Zoe" a spunky mechanic with keen sense of timing and tons of knowledge about the worlds they would explore.
In this episode (which is so old, that i lost the script and am too lazy to rewrite) The two are hired to find a device on one of the planets, but it turns out to be infested with spiderlike creatures and a Morvian beast. Barely escaping, they are on their way back to cash in, when Tyrin, (the self proclaimed most handsome bounty hunter in the galaxy) shoots them down.
The book and story were fun, and a great exploration into what was really more of a concepting gig than a comic book. Jeff and I put together over 55 drawings of different worlds, artifacts and characters. Sad that the show was never put into production. But we got a few bucks for it, and now I own it again. So Im releasing it here without lettering.
I WOULD rewrite it, but theres really no point. Its such old work that I dont even really feel that its a strong representation of what I can do. Besides, Ive got a couple of newer projects in the works that are far more exciting.

(note) pages meant to be read from bottom of this post to top.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Corona Del Mar sketches part deux!

I did some acrylic painting, but I hated it and threw it away. Just to get my confidence back up, I went back to pencils. I decided this time that Ill start to slowly infuse color with watercolor to ease into color studies, as it is more of my intention to master outdoor painting. these sketches are great study for now... i did this one in half the time, using more of the side of the graphite.