Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blizzcon original art scan and new Twilight Monk page

Oh Master Yubei... where are you when we need you?

Im dealing with some pretty lame bandwidth issues from my current host. So next week, Ill be getting everything from, and moved to a more reliable host. Ive been pretty happy with Bluehost which is where I have at. So Im just going to use them for everything from now on.

At Blizzcon 2010, I performed a live drawing session with fellow Blizzard artists on a stage event each day. My contribution was to create this pencil and ink Witch Doctor. The piece took a total of about 3 hours, and the original was auctioned off to the Childs Play charity during the event. But I thought Id post a nice clean scan of the artwork here for those of you that could not attend the show. The whole show was awesome. I believe that this was our biggest year yet. The main hall was so packed that I wasnt even sure if we'd get in to see the tenacious D show... but it all worked out pretty good. As the standing crowd ended up getting shoved directly in front of the stage. Best rock show Ive ever seen... and Ive been to a lot.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Twilight Monk page 7

Spent the weekend cleaning up the garage and prepping for the live drawing at Blizzcon this weekend, and selecting original art and books to bring to Long Beach Comic Con the following weekend. I hope to meet many new people, and see some old familiar friends.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Twilightmonk page 6 is up

added a cover and new page #6 to will continue to post updates on all projects here as well. Prepped final print file for Twilight Monk Postcard for Long Beach comic con as well. Ive been pulled between many projects lately so... short post. As I get back to work at 1:30 in the morning.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nova Colony at Long Beach Comic Con and new Twilight Monk Page 5

Check out!!! Ive been building a new site just for twilight monk.

I havent been able to get ahead on the pages this week because of the sweet new site. So far Im digging comicpress. There are so many plugins and add ons to make the site better that Ive become a bit obsessed with optimizing and adding new features. Currently I need to figure out why its adding an archive to the side of the blog section. I have no idea where this code is right now. Also, Im trying to figure out how to get a realtime connection to my ebay store so I can post originals and have all of the inventory showing in a little sidebar widget. Just have to figure it all out.

Today I finished a nova colony comic strip for Long Beach Comic Con pamphlet. I have a feeling that this will be the best con yet for me! Mike S. from the show has been incredibly supportive in getting passes for Jimm and Angela to be there, and the last LBCC that I went to was awesome! I did a lot of sketches for people and sold a large amount of CreeD imaginary books. I would venture to say that it was the best show id had since the 90s. Cant wait see how the October show goes!