Thursday, September 18, 2008

broken things.

He was really not sure how to feel after a car crash. The young man was riding passenger when the other driver ran the red light, and 10 seconds of flashing images translated into a significant moment to his brain. 1 second in either direction and he may have been welcome to merge with the infinite. Tonight he had participated in the total destruction of a Subaru, and it was something he'd never forget, but with no particular greater understanding or significant change. The smoking car, kicking open the door... the "HOLY FUCK" moment that slammed him in 8 directions within 10 seconds... and now... right now... he didnt know how to feel about it.
The entire hood crushed up like tin foil, and someone was telling him... "its times like this that you think about your life and what its worth, where its going."
But he doesnt.

"In a sense, people are crashing things all around me every day." He thought to himself.

But there was a time when it DID matter...

If only he could remember...

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