Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post 100!!!! Jonah sheds some light on CreeD

I dont know where this guy came from, but he did a great little run down of the correct order of CreeD books.
He craftily left out a couple of books like the Ninja Turtles book and the Cyberfrog crossover from his list, but its pretty accurate. I recommend checking it out and leaving him some feedback.

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~ tOkKa said...

-->> Ah sh7t and Hell yeh , that guy's the hero for the Day ..

Helpin' sort that Chaotix and Disorder.

Man i'm so behind .

Maybe when i get my ass back from Cali i catch up.

Dammit !!

(( he missed mentioning the infamous STACTION Figs .. heh >;p .. ))