Monday, January 24, 2011

4 new pages for the monk this month.

This month has been especially busy. Ive added the weekly page to Twilight Monk every monday, and been digging deeper into the detailed dialogue script for the next 10-15 pages. New characters will be introduced in February this year. And please download the new wallpaper by voting which you can find on . You can get the wallpaper in many sizes after you vote. Its free, doesnt require you to login anywhere or anything and you can show your support if you enjoy the book!
There are also new items listed in my ebay store. You can buy the 48 page Nova Colony book, signed with a sketch, and also a set of my World of Warcraft Trading cards which Ive done the artwork for.


D said...

Great motion, love how you handle he speed lines on page 19. Thanks, love the wallpaper.

Snugtrition said...

I'm so glad I've stumbled upon your blog.The work you got here is really quite awesome.

I've just recently gotten myself into a few art courses in school so this sort of blog is a real treat. I'll be keeping tabs for sure =)

zoosk said...

I am slowly starting to see a faint trace of my style, the way I approach a theme and execute it. But at this stage it is like a barely there whisper and I am looking forward to discovering more of it and to see how your style develops:-)

Rastreator said...

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