Friday, June 29, 2012

Original CreeD Appletree cover in B/W

In 1999 I moved to California and worked in fashion for a while. In my free time I started to plan a return to CreeD with "Appletree". We only printed about 500 copies of the book.  So it didnt do too well. This was right before my run on Ghost Rider... which was the best selling comic of 2001.  So I think I had the WORST selling comic AND the BEST selling comic in 1 year. I think thats kind of a record of some kind. 


Adriano Antonini said...

Loved that Ghost Rider book, congrats on that being the topseller of the year!

David Ano said...

Only 500 copies of CreeD Appletree??? Well, I did my part ... I accidently bought two copies!