Monday, March 24, 2008

CreeD: imaginary Daily Page 17

This page was originally going to be a cover, but ultimately I felt that it fit better within the story. It was also one of the first pages I decided to color, which was a difficult decision. If I had done the series in black and white you would be reading Nova Colony by now because this thing would have been done 2 years ago. But I felt that doing it in color would challenge my abilities, and I would grow in skill as I learned to work more efficiently.

RobotConan on ebay asked: hey man, just a suggestion from a loyal creed fan, who is getting fed up with trying to track down old unattainable creeds- release a sweet slipcase hardcover creed collecting everything- the comics-original artwork etc... i would be f'n awesome and i would so lay down the cash for such a book.

Well RobotConan, I already put together the entire collection and Im re-lettering some of the books. This project is kicking my ass and thats why you guys havent seen CreeD: imaginary book 4 yet. I dont have a publisher yet.

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Eric Carl said...

Yo Trent! That'd be great, I'd pick it up for sure.