Friday, March 7, 2008

CreeD: Imaginary daily page 6

Im fairly sick, so today I sound like the cookie monster. Even my typing sounds gruff. So, anyway this scene was originally intended to be the start of the whole book. The reason I decided to add the scene with the rain before this was really for 2 reasons. As I got into the script, around issue 3, it became very aparent to me that I needed to set up Marks history with this girl. and the other reason is that its important to re-establish Marks intended "purity" right from the get go. Okay, so hes not so innocent, and yes... he falls apart from time to time, but his intentions are hopeful and pure. Even as a child, he couldnt really just accept what was happening to him. Theres also this very important question in there, and that sets up the theme of the book. Well, for one, who is this girl that seems to be so important? Also... what was it that Mark did to her to force such a wall between them? Its obvious that they were close... so it must have been something very serious.

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