Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Creed CreeD: Imaginary Daily Page 53

So... about a month ago, before I went to Japan, my keyblade breaks off of my keyfob for the TT. No big deal, except that every time I want to find my keyblade, I gotta stand there and dig in my pockets for a few minutes sorting past whalefant lighters, gum wrappers and all manner of good luck charms that I carry with me at all times. Unfortunately 2 nights ago, Im going thru said ritual, with arms full of papers and of course... my portable hard drive containing all progress on CreeD book 4. Sadly... with only but 2 mortal arms to carry my entire world and one free armpit and one loose hand to sort out all the contents of my pockets, one had to give. And it had to be the hard drive. Now Ive gotta send it off to Iomega and hope that something can be done, else it will take even longer to finish this book.


K. Stummer said...

Man Just awesome work!. Working on an animated short from Heaven Seed. Doing it in Maya. Just a summer brake project, alongside my guitars stuff.

Keep it going!!! Your work is tops!!!

K. Stummer

Illustrator's Lounge said...

CreeD seems to be doing well in your voting thing, but I personally think you should definitely do the Fuzz, it was amazing!

Love you work, will always be a fan!