Friday, May 23, 2008

CreeD: Imaginary Pages 57 + 58 + 59

read from bottom page to top page.
I've missed a couple of days so this is a 3 page update! The files I thought I lost for book 4 are restored (mostly), and I've been working on something VERY cool (comic book related) that Ill be leaking out little bits of info about in the next couple of months so keep checking back! The content for book 4 should start in the next 2 weeks as well, and book 4 should be available for purchase in the next 2 months as well.
I hope you chose to stick around! As I finish the daily posting for this Creed Book, I've got a couple more books that have never been printed in the pipe for the daily post as well. Its going to be a content packed year for this site... Ive never posted this much stuff.

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Anonymous said...

came to this site while searching for info on creed from the 90's. amazing to see your skilsl improve so much, and the development of the story. keep dreaming, it's great work.