Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Diablo 3 concepts released.

Blizzard released several new concept art pieces. 2 of which were done by me. I present them to you here as well for those that dig this sort of thing. Again, i'm suprised at which pieces they choose to show. These are rough thumbnail concepts used to work out early stages of a design.
Anyway, in other news, my buddy Ethan Van Sciver is posting a ridiculously good column over at ( Please show him some love... wait... he'd probably actually hate that. But check it out regardless, as it is very well written.
In Nova Colony news, Im wrapping up the end credits animation I intend to use for each episode... I just need to add more blood and garbage.


Matt said...

is that colored one a real painting?

Trent Kaniuga said...

Well, I wish it was real paint. No thats corel Painter x. Although recently I picked up some bob ross stuff so Im getting into painting with acrylics and oils again. Will post some things like that later.

SquarePixel said...

Great concepts man..freakin' stoked for your guy's game to come out..