Friday, January 2, 2009

Nova Colony countdown

Ive made some tremendous progress on the Nova Colony project. In fact, the website went live yesterday featuring a theme song by Jeremiah Ryder. We put the request in over 6 years ago, but he's been way overbooked, and I had to sell my summerhome in Hawaii just to afford him.
Nova Colony is something beyond a comic book. Yet its not quite a film. I am very excited to see how people will react to this new project Jimm and I have been working on for so long. But technology can finally sustain the type of product we want to present, and it is coming VERY soon.


Matt said...

hmm the sound isn't working for me on that website...

using Safari on a Mac

Trent Kaniuga said...

oooooh. Not sure how I can test that on a mac. strange because on my machine it pulls up quicktime audio player. Ill be looking into it. Thanks for the heads up.
You can direct download the theme song here:

SquarePixel said...

Freaking tight! I can't wait!