Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Before CreeD was Mark Farley, jumping around kicking skeezik ass in the dreamworld, I did a comic strip for my high school newspaper. I was 16 when I drew these, but something remained constant, and carried over from these strips into CreeD. It was crude, and childish. It was very "stream of consciousness" and it was offensive to some people at the time, but it got a reaction!
I only did 4 of them. The story about Sparky is true! Okay, only some of it.



Chris said...

Trent, I didn't see your e-mail address anywhere on the blog, so I'm leaving you this as a comment. My name's Chris and I run a Ghost Rider fansite called Vengeance Unbound (http://ghostrider.omegacen.com). I've done interviews with a multitude of creators, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to do one such interview about your time as a Ghost Rider artist. If you think you'd be interested, my e-mail addy is Ixnay0002@aol.com

Trent Kaniuga said...

Sounds good! Id love to! Ill email you directly and we'll get it going.