Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas vacation = no posts for at least 5 days. PLUS Omnibus update!

So I leave you with this:
When CreeD went to Avatar press, they wanted to do a variant cover for each book, then reprint the whole thing with more variants. I dont know how they are now, but I never even saw this one go to print. If it exists, they didnt give me copies or even let me know about it. They did this with "leather editions", "foil editions"... I dont even know how many Creed Variant covers there are. I still like the piece, but that kind of stuff broke my heart. At least I finally get to collect it all together! Speaking of which...

Come back next week and Ill post some more old CreeD stuff! Also, Ive got a BIG BIG update for the CreeD omnibus prepared! Ill be posting nearly the entire Lightning comics run. Thats 8 issues all at once! Look forward to it in the first week of January, or maybe earlier!

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