Monday, March 1, 2010

New CreeD omnibus update! ITS HUUUUUGEE!!!

The remastering of the mini series "imaginary" has been added to the omnibus at
To show what kind of enhancements were made, I present 3 pages from the book.

I re-lettered the entire book (Erik Larsen said "the lettering sucked"), so it looks way better now. Although Im not a pro, and some pro letterers will likely cringe. The pages were drawn to be printed in a 5x7. I dont know why. I always liked that size for a book. But here Ive resized it to fit traditional formats.
There are also 2 pages that were previously unreleased in this version. Im thinking of this omnibus as a work in progress, so these 2 new pages will be colored accordingly when I have time. I cut appletree, and I cut utopiate. Thats about 90 pages of creed. Why would I do that? well for 2 reasons.
In the case of the Appletree book, I cut it up and used parts to complete the Imaginary story. So there are about 6 pages that were unused in the final. Imaginary after all was really just a more complete version of the appletree story. Utopiate was... well, Im not sure what Im going to do with that. I would rather assume that I never did those books. But there were scenes that might be worth salvaging. Maybe at the very least, Ill cut it up and rewrite it as a shorter story.
Let me know what you guys think of the rework of Imaginary!


Jason Brubaker said...

Wow man, that looks great. I don't know that the pages looked like before so I can't comment on the difference. Did you have color in them before? I really like how the color is all washed out and more of a slight tone to each page. These are some of my favorite so far in the book.

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Nick said...

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~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i dun' care if it's reworked.

I miss CREED and Co too damn much //

goddamm !! !!

~ t

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Nick, ignore her .. she's not real .. it's a spambot piece of sh7t.