Monday, September 13, 2010

Drawing comics for therapy.

Im nervous man. Its been a long time since Ive really put the pressure on myself like this. Up to this point, Ive written a lot of different scenes for this book, then Ive rewritten them over and over again. But nothing is quite as "concrete" as the moment you put it out there for people to see. Im making decisions on dialogue that Im going to be stuck with. Im making decisions on format that I wont be able to change either... such as the page size, color vs black and white... yeah. Im nervous about committing, but it must be done if any progress is to be made.
The art that I do for my work in games is very different. If I put something together, it can always be reworked. Our deadlines are loose, and someone else makes the final call. But with this comic, Im laying it down, and sticking to it. Call it "drawing comics for therapy"... but I think it will be good for me.
I cant promise 2 pages EVERY week, because we're going into crunch time at work. But Im really making strides with my free time. Im also developing some artwork for a flash game which Ill be posting later on. I started out thinking that this whole series would be in color but... the problem is that when I start to paint a page, I spend too much time. I think I spent about 15 hours on this page from start to finish. And ultimately I decided that for the future of the book, Id rather post more pages, and tell more story than to release a shorter book. Beyond that, my favorite comics are in black and white. Ill be posting covers, and pin ups as well as poster art and desktops though, so dont worry... there will be some painted stuff coming along for Twilight Monk as well.


D said...

Trent, to me this is the pinnacle of your CreeD style. I've been waiting to see more of this story for a long time. And your concept video for video game of this you wanted to make was amazing. I can't wait to see this story unfold.

d aka dkoi

Trent Kaniuga said...

Damn... thank you so much D! Im really just trying to get back to what made drawing really fun for me. Like when I started CreeD.

MatthewB said...

Oh boy! Can't wait.