Monday, September 20, 2010

Twilight Monk page 3... and a little color.

Everything seems to be progressing nicely with the book. I was really hoping to have something like maybe a postcard or something for the Long Beach Comic Con, but Im not sure if I can get anything done in time to get it printed. Up to this point, Ive got about 35 pages scripted and roughed out, but I spend about 6-8 hours on each B/W page. Doing a fully painted image would take an additional 15 or so hours. Another reason why I cant do the series in color... I paint and repaint it so much that sometimes I spend 20 hours on a painting.
Currently Im doing 45-50 hours a week at work, and Im doing a facebook game, and Im marketing Nova Colony, and trying to hit the gym 3-4 times a week. WHEW! Youd be amazed at all the little extra stuff that has to get done with a project like this. Making a banner ad for a website can end up taking 3-4 hours. When youve only got 3-4 hours a night of free time... lets just say Im running on very little sleep.
Heres a color version of Page 3 that I did a while back. Ill continue to post these as I have them, but some of these next few pages are being added in, and I dont have time to do them in color. This particular page was one of the first color tests that I did to try and find a style that I liked. In the end, I think it makes the world seem very whimsical... but perhaps tooooo whimsical. The color style will contrast a lot with the violent nature of the book as it progresses.


wren said...

Some of your pages really blow me away. The depth you get in the layers of your backgrounds is great.


Siri said...

Good job!!