Monday, November 1, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con. New page for the monk

LBCC has come and gone. I met so many great people at this show! I did several commissioned artworks, which Ill post throughout the week here starting today. I was shocked to see old friends like Ruben Martinez who I worked with at JNCO, and Danny Miki, who I worked with on Ghost Rider. How cool is that, that they are still drawing, and doing so well! I met a lot of other artists, and traded books… it was nice to be remembered for my work on CreeD, considering how antisocial I was back in my convention days in the 90s. It was truly a highlight to meet Cheeks (Sean Galloway)… that dood shook my hand 13 times (I counted.) And its no surprise why he is so successful. Hes just the friendliest guy on the planet. Angela dressed up as a ninja on Saturday, and a lot of photographers came by to take pics. I think shes more popular than me now.

For everyone that came by to see me, I am eternally grateful that you stopped by, shared your stories, and picked up some books. Its the first of the month again, and the Topwebcomics rankings have started over. Please vote for me every day! lol. Okay once is nice enough. Thanks! Its the numbered button on the left.

This was my version of Poison Ivy from the show.


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