Monday, November 8, 2010

New Monk cover, and page

This week, I did a little "getting ahead" on the book. I started roughing out the next sequence of pages, and double checked some script stuff. I fixed some dialogue from page 7, and overall just subtle little tweaks here and there.
It was nice to have a weekend with no responsibility. For the last few weeks, Id been really squeezing every last minute out of every day for conventions and comissions and overall just being way too busy drawing. I finally just took almost all of saturday off to play Dead Rising 2. Its a fantastic, and yet dreadfully cheesy game. Only thing that really bugs me... and it REALLY bugs me, is the control scheme. Its impossible to pick up the item you want if youre standing over multiple items. And sometimes after a weapon breaks, itll USE the next item in your inventory. So in the midst of a zombie mob, your bat breaks... and you stop to eat a pizza and get killed. This is retarded. Also the vehicles all handle like an RC car.
Overall tho, its a keeper. Every now and then I play a game that I decide while playing... that I HAVE to keep it. Castlevania Lords of Shadow didnt make the cut. Primarily because the design in that game is WAY more broken. That thing plays like Jimmy's first God of War clone. Dont get me wrong, the art was beautiful. But what good is that if you die constantly because of a stupid camera, or because you were supposed to hit a button at a precise moment, but you dont know what you were supposed to do till after youve died? Worthless.

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