Friday, April 23, 2010

the "free" 6 inch "stoupon"

So... Im perusing the Blizzard internal employee coupons and discounts page today and I find a coupon for a free 6" combo (when you buy one for 8.99) from the new subway down the street. I passed it around to a couple of people at the office, and we all agreed... this is a sweet deal! So Angela and I decide to go because its basically a meal for 2 people for 8.99. Thats 4 cookies btw, and subway cookies are my weakness. (Only 2nd to sun cakes from 85 degrees.)
Anyway so we get there and she orders a 6 inch, and I ordered a footlong, thinking ill just pay like 50 cents difference. We get the the register, I hand him THE coupon, and the guy... swear to god... he rings it up and its 13.50. And Im like "whoa whoa whoaaaa turbo. Pump the brakes, cuz I got a coupon that says this should cost 9 bucks, and maybe 50 cents cuz of the footlong". He tells me that my" footlong counts as the 2 six inchers", and then angelas "6 incher is full price". This KINDA makes sense... but not really, and theres a line stacking up behind us, so Im like... fine. I saved 1 dollar, what the fuck ever. lame coupon. Then I walk away, forgetting to pay the man, still trying to figure out his "Thought trap" involving a footlong being charged as 2 6 inchers, im thinking "maybe i didnt read the fine print".
And HE says "sir, arent you going to pay"? So I pop out 15 bucks and hand it to him. some coins roll out and he closes the register, and I walk away.
As we're eating, I notice a flyer that came with the meal that has the EXACT COUPON that I thought was so exclusive from blizzard (except it doesnt say blizzard employees only) , AND i realize... he never actually gave me my change! So essentially I payed 14.50 for something that should have only cost 9.50! WTF man!? BEYOND that... theres a coupon right next to it for a footlong for 5 dollars!!!!!!
Fuck that subway.
Next time I go in there, im just going to walk up the the counter and say "I would NEVER eat here!" and then spin my finger around at everyone in line.
I miss the quiznos they kicked out of that spot.


Opt-x said...

LOL! How do you get yourself into these scenarios? I eat there and I never had that happen.

Alex said...

Wow what a coupon! I also love subway cookies. I can't go to subway without buying some :)

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I were recently in Subway and ordered a footlong BMT between us and got charged for two 6 inches and they refused to change it. Unbelievable.