Friday, April 30, 2010

over 100 pages added to CreeD omnibus online!

Ive added over 100 pages to the CreeD omnibus earlier than expected! New updates include new remastered updates to:
CreeD/Cyberfrog crossover with artwork and script from Ethan Van Sciver
CreeD-Utopiate 3.5 issue mini series
More sketchbook and production artwork
Fixed some page order issues with duplicates and spelling errors throughout
Covers now feature publisher/publication date information



kristiaan.katrien.lukas.klaas said...
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kristiaan.katrien.lukas.klaas said...

wow! great update! can't wait for the omnibus. it's pretty amazing to see the whole creed-stuff collected into one volume. still hoping there will be a new story someday, loved the 'imaginary'-series.