Monday, June 16, 2008

CreeD: imaginary page 71

Good news today! Ive been busy as hell working on some new projects. One of which is a motion graphic/comic animation for Nova Colony. This thing is looking sweet! Its got full voice acting, and for the hearing impaired, text bubbles, full color and the first episode runs almost 3 minutes! Its a hell of an undertaking, but Jimm Showman wrote a really fun script, and we both feel that this fancy new "internet technology" will be the very best way to give this to you for free. At this time, I cannot promise a posting date, only that it will be a couple of months likely.
Also in the works... some new World of Warcraft TCG cards, and The Fuzz comic which I will begin posting after this issue of CreeD runs.
Speaking of which, please only expect about 3 pages a week from now on, as my work at Blizzard has been keeping me late, and all of my freelance projects have demanding schedules at this time.
On a side note, my profile pic as actually standing in front of the building where Metal Gear Solid 4 was made in Tokyo Japan. What an amazing building! The gardens out back are phenomenal as well.

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