Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some paintings from The Burning Crusade.

In continued support, and as a "thank you" to everyone checking this site regularly, I've decided to post more of my paintings, and concept art from World of Warcraft. All of this stuff is owned by Blizzard, and some of it is just doodles.
What a Concept Artist does, I think is generally misunderstood... even by many people with the title. Concept art is an idea, communicated simply, and broken down into smaller sketches to communicate the entire blueprint of that idea so that it can be built by a 3d artist, or those who execute the final presentation. An illustration is a complete image, and is self contained.

This is an illustration of the Draeni starting location:

And this is concept art for the burning legion camps and teleporters:

Ill try to post more images from the games Ive worked on if anyone is interested in this sort of thing, however much of it cannot be shown.

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