Friday, June 6, 2008

CreeD: Imaginary pages 65+66+67

Hey, that just about catches us up to the books that are printed. You can buy those books through the ebay store over on the right. Be here next week when Ill begin to post pages for the final conclusion... CreeD: Imaginary book 4 which is a 16 page book. The last 4 pages just have to be touched up and then that one is off to the printers. As it stands, beginning next week all content is new and previously unreleased. Thanks again for all of your support.


Tony said...

Tell us that you are gonna do a TPB of the series! Tell us, and make sure its not a lie.

Trent Kaniuga said...

I have most of the materials ready to be printed. Ive spent the last 2 months compiling and cleaning up pages for all of the books. Some were hand lettered, and I've been digitally restoring them... the only missing thing now is a publisher. If I were to print them on my own, the cost to the consumer would be roughly $35 for the entire 480 page collection. And even then, I dont know if enough people would buy it. Perhaps I should start a petition to entice a larger publisher? How many would sign such a thing?

Anonymous said...

i would. even a nice hc would rock